Best Sailing Hats

The bucket hat seems to be quietly returning to the fashion world. You might ask how they could come back if they were never cool. Originally known as “Irish walking hats”, the bucket hat was designed to protect Irish fishermen and farmers from bad weather. They entered into modern culture in the 1960s when they were defined as a novelty accessory to complement modern styles of clothing. But it wasn’t until the 1990s when the accessory was adopted and reinterpreted by rappers in hip hop communities, and it really experienced the saltant success that brought a trend to future generations.

Nowadays, the bucket hat has become a functional hat used in hiking, sailing, fishing and other outdoors activities.

Sailing is a modern water sport and it is also one of the Olympic events. In the middle of the 19th century, sailing has been the main means of maritime trade, and this period was called the age of navigation. Throughout history, navigation has played an important role in the development of civilization. Whether it is used to trade, transportation, warfare or fishing, it provides human with greater mobility than land travel. Since the 15th century, European ships have sailed to farther north, spending more time in the Grand Banks and St. Lawrence Bay, and finally began to explore the Pacific Northwest and the Arctic West. Sailing has contributed to lots of great expeditions in the world.

In the 21st century, most sailings represent a form of entertainment or a sport. Sailing sports include a variety of competitive sailing forms, such as sailing ship, sailboat, windsurfer, and kitesurfer.

When it comes to sailing, we have to mention sailing hats. There are a variety of hats which are used to sailing. Here we have found best sailing hats that offer you to choose.

This hat is designed with a close-fitting shape that makes this hat stay secured on your head. There is an adjustable cord that allows you to adjust it to fit your head. The hat is specifically designed for sailing use with its wide brim. On the one hand, it can keep the sun out of your eyes. On the other hand, it features water-repellent fabric that can block the rain and water.

The bonnie bucket hat is made of crushable and packable canvas which is also lightweight and soft for you to wear. It comes with a wide stiffened brim which makes the hat stand out. Besides, the hat has large ventilation eyelets that allow air to pass through the fabric and an under chin cord with adjustable toggle to keep the hat stay put.

The unisex baseball cap can protect you from the harsh sun and its UV rays. It features with washed cotton fabric and a back adjustment for a perfect fit. It is suitable for anyone to wear. And it has a low-profile design with a good sized peak to keep the sun off. Many of you would like to choose a baseball style cap because they are fashionable and cool for both men and women. It can be worn in any informal occasions.

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