Sailing Gear List

If you have planned to go sailing with your families or friends in the hot summer, then you must prepare sailing gears which ensure your safe and comfortable water sport. So what sailing gear should you prepare if you are going to a sailing boat. This may be a little difficult for you. Maybe this is your first time to go sailing. You also want to get everything done properly and have a nice sailing trip, but you don’t want to carry a big suitcase full of unnecessary sailing gear. In consideration of your safety, you still have to prepare all the necessary equipment for your sailing.

Following I have found some pieces of sailing gears.

No. 1 Headlamp

When darkness has fallen, the best thing that can help you find your way quickly on a strange yacht is a LED headlamp. It frees your hands to do something else. This headlamp comes with an adjustable elastic strap for optimal comfort on your head. It has 4 light switch modes: low brightness with one LED, medium brightness with four LEDs, high brightness with five LEDs, strobe with five LEDs. Of course, this headlight is waterproof and it can be used in rainy days. It includes two rechargeable batteries which can last for 6-8 hours after being fully charged.

No. 2 Goggles

It is crucial to wear a pair of goggles in case the weather gets bad when you are sailing. Your eyes are important for making the right judgments, and they are also important in maintaining balance and not getting seasick. If you use the goggles carefully, they can be used for 10 years. The sailing goggles are specifically made for watersports and it can protect your eyes from high speed water spray. The goggle is equipped with two lenses, one is tinted and the other is clear. The tinted lenses are ideal for bright environments, and additional clear lenses are designed with full UV protection for low light days.

No. 3 Sailing Hats

Don’t forget your hat when you pack all the equipment for the sailing. For many sailors, this is the most important piece of item for their watersports activities. These men’s and women’s sailing hats are not designed specifically for laser sailboats, but for general sailing boats. This khaki bucket hat is specifically designed for sailings. It features with a brim that can be flip down and up, then you will get two styles of a hat. There is an adjustable chin strap to ensure the hat stay put on your head and a polyester headband wicks moisture away from your brow and speeds the evaporation process. The side eyelets allow air pass through the fabric and keep your head cool and dry.

No. 4 Soft Duffle Bag

You need a soft duffle bag to hold everything you have. Because the suitcase is difficult to place in the corners and crannies of the boat, it is best to find a soft duffle bag to hold everything you have. Your bag will become an important storage space, and you may even share a storage area with another crew member, so plan your space as much as possible while on board.

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